About Travel Pipi

Hi There Greetings from Travel Pipi

I’m Laka.

I’ve been traveling around the world since 2014. Currently, I reside in South Korea and Love to explore more and travel.

Who are We

Travelling is very interesting. Yeah, I’m originally from Sri Lanka, a beautiful island nation located in the Indian Ocean. So many places to see if you have some picky eyes. That’s my inspiration from my motherland. As I mentioned before, my journey to explore the world started in 2014 and I have already visited 23 countries. And I love to share my experiences.

Snowy Russia is one of my extremely beloved countries which contains a lot of travel memories. So many travel tips and techniques will be shared in my blog and you get to know a lot of things in the future. my whole purpose is to educate you and become more prepared for the challenges that may come your way.

About Travel Pipi

Travelling is all about freedom; and what is the most important thing that you want to keep in your mind is traveling does not solely depend on physical strength, with the revolutionary technologies it has made very simplified. I would share all instruments, apps, and many more that will sort your journey very smoothly. Life is too short, I will try to share as many locations as possible when I have a chance.