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It would not be an exaggeration to describe Switzerland’s largest city as a worldwide financial hub. Even Zurich’s surroundings contribute to it being the finest holiday plan to visit the city. Let us cast a light on Zurich, a well-organized and user-friendly public transit system. This provides guests with a wide selection of opportunities to spend their vacation. In this blog, I’ll tell you about my 7-day travel from Zurich to other European destinations.

Bring the photographs to life and explore Zurich’s gorgeous places. You will not be sorry for taking the train from Zurich. Even Zurich is a lovely city that is well worth seeing. However, its benefits grow as you go from Zurich to fantastic destinations. We may state that Zurich is surrounded by the most beautiful and enjoyable sites to visit. In addition, 7-day vacations from Zurich to seven other locales are available.

1. Basel

basel switzerland

The city of Switzerland, which is never late in making love to people. Basel, located in northern Switzerland, is easily accessible from Zurich. You will get to your location in 40 minutes if you use the coach service available in Zurich. Check out our list of must-see attractions in Basel.

  • Red Town Hall
  • Majestic gate of Spalen
  • City’s riverfront
  • Fine art museum
  • Natural history museum
  • Protestant church

Wear a mask while visiting these gorgeous sites to avoid the spread of COVID-19. When traveling, make sure to take all necessary precautions.

2. Rhine Falls

rhine falls

The Rhine Falls are popular among travelers due to the rivers and their northern location. Visitors will find it quite convenient and fun to travel from Zurich. The Rhine Falls claims to be Europe’s greatest waterfall due to Schaffhausen and Schloss Laufen.

It is possible to visit by boat and enjoy the surroundings. On the other hand, you may sit back and enjoy the scenery at the same time, which is very enjoyable. You may then proceed to Munot Fort to experience the most breathtaking views.

Arriving at the Rhine Falls is most convenient via rail, which takes around one hour. Visitors can also combine the Rhine Falls excursion with another place on the same day.

3. Appenzell


Visit Appenzell from Zurich to experience the finest of Alpine country life. When you arrive, the entire region will become green. Switzerland’s attractiveness is enhanced by lush mountains. Visitors will learn about the customs and history of the Swiss people. There are many more sites to visit: Appenzell

  • Museum of Appenzell
  • Ebenalp
  • Aescher Guesthouse

To get to your location from Zurich, take public transportation. There are no regrets about using public transit with a guided tour.

4. Liechtenstein


It is relatively simple to go to Liechtenstein from Zurich. The location is in a charming tiny Swiss neighborhood, so you can simply go from Zurich to another nation. Once there, you may travel to the country’s capital, which is a lovely city. There are other sites to visit in addition to this city.

  • Vaduz
  • Townhall
  • National archive
  • Vaduz Cathedral
  • Vaduz castle

5. Mount Titlis

mount titlis

You should visit Mount Titlis if you want to experience a mountain top from Zurich. Visitors will have a great time climbing up to three thousand meters. Visitors who wish to experience skiing and snowboarding should go from Zurich to this location. In the summer, this location is worth a detour for hiking and mountain riding. Here are some more locations to go to:

  • Titlis cliff walk
  • Glacier cave
  • Titlis rotary

A two-hour train ride from Zurich to Mount Titlis would be considerably more convenient. If you want to travel, remember to take precautions to protect yourself against Covid 19.

6. Stein Am Rhein

stein am rhein

It will be a lot of fun to go from Zurich to a city-filled area. Stein am Rhein is full of charming historic towns. The location is surrounded by a river, which adds to its charm. The homes in the area are stunning, with floor-to-ceiling windows. The homes are all decorated in a fashion that represents the Stein Rhine from centuries ago.

Even by rail, it takes only 1 hour and a few minutes to get here from Zurich. The guided trip will make visiting the region simple and enjoyable. During the guided trip, you will also learn about the area’s history and traditions.

7. Grindelwald & Interlaken: last Place to visit in your 7 days trip from Zurich


If you skip the day trip itinerary and wish to see two destinations, you should go to Grindelwald and Interlaken. Traveling from Zurich to these locations will be enjoyable. This is a reference to Grindelwald, a town in the Alps immediately below the Eiger. Skiing and mountain biking are fantastic summer activities. Interlaken is located at the foot of the Alps. This region is surrounded by two named lakes. Three Lakes and Bryans Lake are the names of the lakes.

lake thun
lake brienz

Trains from Zurich will be a simple method to go to these locations. You will like visiting these locations since you will learn about history and culture. On this 7-day vacation from Zurich, you will be able to explore many things that you have never seen before.

It is usually suggested to take advantage of a guided tour wherever you go. A guided tour will make your trip more enjoyable. Visiting these destinations from Zurich is not only easier but also more enjoyable.
Most significantly, if you do not follow the measures, you will not be permitted to visit sites in Zurich.

No one is keeping you from enjoying the excursions during the Covid 19 epidemic, but you must follow the guidelines.

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