Best Coastal cities in the world

Coastal cities are situated on the interface or change zones between land and ocean, including huge inland lakes. Normally, coastal cities approach the ocean or bigger lakes through ports as well as significant waterways. In contrast to watersheds, there are no accurate regular limits that unambiguously portray coastal regions. below is the list of Best Coastal cities in the world.

Nowadays, quantifying the living within the coastal cities is the goal of the researchers. Within the blog, there are some of the best coastal cities in the world. They are much attractive and dominating the overall list of coastal cities. Read the beauty of these cities in case if you are planning to visit or living there.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is known because of its large amount of population in its country. The city is famous because of its yearly Fringe Festival. This festival is well known because of the art and performances. Arthur’s Seat is the best and the most attractive view of this coastal city. While visiting the city, you should move to Edinburgh Castle to know where the crown jewels are kept.

Venice, Italy

Venice, a coastal city is the world’s preeminent floating city. The city is considered to be built on 100 or more small islands. The coastal city is known as the city, which is existing on water. To travel around, you can hail a water taxi to wind around in the city.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is famous because of the canals and as well as the floating markets. Moreover, within the city, you will interact with Buddhist art and architecture. Within the coastal city, food streets are having the most delicious food in the entire world. For the people who love cycling, the city offers them cycling tours. Not only this but in Bangkok, you can also avail the golf course offer. The popular Buddhist temple is there in the grand palace, which aids in the worth of the city.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu coastal city of Hawaii is well known because of the beaches. As well as, the presence of flora and fauna in the city, makes it famous and attractive. The city contains a large collection of Hawaiian and as well as Polynesian arts. The artifacts are available in the bishop museum.

Miami, Florida

Miami is referring to the flashy star of Florida. The coastal city is known as the magic city of the nation. Mentioning the southern tip of the seaboard, the city is best known because of its beaches. The beach life along with snorkeling, boating, and as well as, fishing is dominating in the city’s discussion. Moreover, the city is famous as an art hub.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul reminds us of the terrorist attack but despite this, the coastal city is famous. The blue mosque along with the vibrant markets and Turkish baths are responsible for the popularity of the city.  Istanbul is the largest city in Europe, which is built on both sides of the Bosphorus straits.

Perth, Australia

The coastal city, Perth is the capital city of Australia. Perth has exposure to the Indian Ocean, and the presence of beaches makes it famous. There is a range of national parks, which are responsible for the protection of the wildlife and the wildlife areas. The national park of Perth also does the protection of the botanical garden. Moreover, the yearly festivals in the capital of America are adding some more to the reputation of the country. While visiting the place, you will find more entertaining locations here.

Dubai, U.A.E.

Dubai is the only destination that is rich in a hotel with seven stars. Moreover, the tallest building in the world is present in Dubai. The floating underwater villas of Dubai aid more in the beauty of the place. While visiting the location, people are more attracted to the shopping malls in Dubai. There is a wide range of architectural reflection for the people visiting it.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the underrated capital of Europe. However, it is the largest city in Portugal, which has the Tagus River beside it. From the overall population of the nation, almost 30 percent are living in Lisbon. The area contains the best seafood within the entire nation. As well, the café culture and the indoor aquarium makes it famous. The yearly celebrations or festivals also attract people.

Los Angeles, California

The loving thing about the coastal city, Los Angeles is its 871 museums and art galleries. Moreover, the city is referring to as the second-largest city in the US. The city is rich in ocean views and as well as in live music. As well as the food, scenes of Los Angeles are diverse. This coastal city is also considered as the home to Hollywood.

New York City

Within New York City, thanks to the availability of the song and on-screen which increases its worth. Moreover, the presence of the Hudson River along with the Atlantic aids more in the reputation of the city. The metropolitan museum art of New York is considered the most visited museum in the entire world. Same as, the central park is also the most visited park, which is much attractive for the visitors.

San Francisco, California

The coastal city, San Francisco has the most attractive views near the Pacific Ocean. Even the presence of the golden gate bridge dominates the overall discussion. This bridge is a well-known postcard shot within the entire world. As well, within the city, there is a wide range of bike paths of even 200 miles. For hiking, a thousand acres of the range are present. Even if you are doing nothing in the city, sit by a side and spot the migrating whales.

Oslo, Norway

The capital of Nordic cool, Oslo is situated on the southern shoreline of a delta called Oslofjord. The Viking museum of Norway contains the three ships along with the green spaces.  Moreover, the Frogner park of the destination makes it a manageable city for the visiting points.


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