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The rise of vegan food

There is unquestionably a growth in demand for vegan food tours all over the world as a result of the popularity of plant-based diets. Without taking into account the rising number of vegetarians, flexitarians, and “reducers,” the number of Americans who identify as vegetarian increased by a staggering 500% from 2014 to 2017. (who are trying to reduce their meat consumption). The consumption of vegan food is rapidly increasing in both the UK and Canada. So it makes perfect sense that vegan vacation experiences are becoming more popular.

Where is the vegan capital of the world?

Brighton and Hove have been named the first-ever Vegan Capital of the World. For years, Brighton has been renowned for having several vegan eateries and retail establishments. There are more than 240 vegan and vegetarian eateries in the city, according to the restaurant directory Happy Cow. The Purezza pizza and the Happy Maki sushi bar are popular locations.

Based on different resources, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best vegan food tours around the world.

01. Portland, United States

Portland, Oregon, in the United States, is the place to go if you’re looking for the greatest vegan cuisine worldwide. Portland is known for being one of the greatest cities in the world for vegans and for promoting healthy, plant-based lives. Restaurants, food stands, and vegan guesthouses are all available here as are other types of eating establishments. You may even locate the first vegetarian mini-mall in the world, which sells vegan soft serve, cashew cheese, and more! Try Doe Doughnuts’ delectable vegan donuts or Homegrown Smoker’s vegan BBQ. Once your stomach is full, visit Herbivore Clothing to browse a variety of vegan products, including vegan cookbooks.

02. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the greatest places to visit for vegans, with more than 50 vegetarian-only restaurants and more than 300 eateries that provide vegan food. Nearly 100,000 people live in the city, which is one of the highest percentages in all of Europe. Germany is a manufacturer of vegan meat substitutes despite being recognized as the home of schnitzel and sausages. For a fantastic five-course vegan lunch in Berlin, visit Kopps, or go to Vöner to stock up on traditional German foods with a vegan twist. Feel Seoul Good serves vegan Korean food, while Brammibals Donuts offers sweets.

For a fantastic fusion of Senegalese and Italian food, swing by Café Ataya, or load up on snacks at the Veganx supermarket chain. You may also go to the Prenzlauer Berg district, which is home to a large number of vegan eateries, pubs, markets, and clothes shops. Start at “Vegan Street,” also known as Schivelbeiner Strasse.

03. Chiang Mai, Thailand

The northern Thai city of Chiang Mai must be mentioned in any comprehensive vegan travel guide. It is a heaven for plant-based eaters, with a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, from authentic Buddhist restaurants to food from across the world. Look for the red and yellow “J” symbol if you want to get the greatest vegan Thai food. That implies that vegetarian Buddhist cuisine is available and is frequently served buffet-style. Even restaurants that are entirely vegan nevertheless include vegan dishes like tom yum soup, pad thai, and curries. Any cuisine, including Middle Eastern, Indian, Japanese, Italian, and vegetarian food, may be found here.

In addition to vegan “junk food” eateries like Munchies, there are healthful salad bars, a la carte choices like Rustic & Blue, and other options. Vegan Heaven, Good Souls Kitchen, and Mr. Make sure to visit all the fantastic plant-based eateries, including Green. We also enjoy May Kaidee and the Free Bird Cafe. You’ll be reluctant to go!

04. Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel unquestionably has some of the greatest vegan cuisine in the world, with more vegans per capita than any other nation and 5% of the population living a vegetarian diet. Falafel, hummus, sambuzak, basbuza, and khinkali dumplings are just a few examples of the numerous vegan delicacies that are already a part of the nation’s traditional Mediterranean cuisine. It is significantly simpler to live a vegan lifestyle in this country since kosher food dietary regulations in this largely Jewish nation segregate meat, dairy, and indigenous Peruvian items. The ideal starting point for your vegan journey is Tel Aviv, the beachfront city of Israel.

Numerous vegan eateries offer everything from vegan sushi at The Green Roll to Ethiopian food at Tenat. At Veg Shawarma, chow down on veggie shawarma and make sure to load up on falafel. If you’re in the mood for quick cuisine, Ben & Jerry’s and Domino’s both sell vegan ice cream and pizza, respectively. Israel is the favored destination for several other large food businesses to introduce their new vegan goods. Visit City Tree to learn about sustainable living or attend courses on vegan diets if you want to learn more about leading a plant-based lifestyle.

05. Sydney, Australia

Despite having one of the largest vegetarian populations in the world, Australians continue to consume more meat per capita than anybody else. Numerous vegan eateries have popped up all around Australia as veganism continues to gain acceptance. Sydney, a seaside city, has developed into a booming vegan culinary scene and a real plant-based haven.

For Bad Hombres or Mexican cuisine with pasta, go to Peppe’s or Otto Ristorante. Visit Soul Burger for a plant-based burger, Flying Saucers or Gigi’s Pizzeria for vegan pizza, or Little Turtle for a Thai feast. The Green Lion, Sydney’s first vegan pub, is the place to go if you want a traditional Australian pub experience with a vegan twist. Make sure to check out Shift Eatery, where you can get handcrafted vegan meats, cheeses, and sauces in addition to scrumptious smoothies or toast that can be taken on the go. Delicious!

06 . Mumbai, India

Given that India boasts the biggest vegetarian population in the world, it seems to reason that the nation would have some of the greatest vegan cuisine available. Mumbai is a terrific place to begin your vegan adventure, while you can get delicious plant-based foods all throughout the country. Numerous delectable vegetarian eateries, marketplaces, and food stands may be found here. You may enjoy a variety of delicious curries and rice meals.

However, be aware that Lacto-vegetarianism is practiced by 80% of Hindu Indians. They consume dairy products but avoid eating meat, fish, or eggs. Ask for items that don’t include yogurt, milk, or cream if you don’t eat dairy products to avoid them. Try Birdsong Café or Beneath the Banyan Tree if you’re seeking restaurants that are entirely vegan. At Mask, you can also sample a vegetarian restaurant with all-natural cuisine on the menu. Visit Amore Gourmet Italian Gelato for dairy-free ice cream if you have a sweet craving.

Following are some famous vegan paid food tours offered by different companies

01. Rome and Florence

In one of Rome’s oldest neighborhoods, Monti, Vegan Food Tours arranges getaways. While touring the region, which is renowned for its gourmet street cuisine and bohemian pubs, tourists may try dairy-free antipasti, fresh pasta, pizza, and ice cream.

Wonderful Florence, Tuscany offers a vegan or vegetarian feast in the historic San Lorenzo neighborhood. The suggested tour (customizable) begins the day with an espresso and then visits the Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo to sample bread, pasta, regional soups, balsamic vinegar, and truffles. Certified vegan wine and chocolate tasting follow to close the event.

02. Berlin

The Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg areas of Berlin are the focus of the Fork & Walk vegan walking tour, which also passes the Stolpersteine Holocaust memorial “stumbling stones,” retro picture booths, and street art installations from the 1980s. Doughnuts, dumplings, raw cakes, street food, and some pilsner beers—which have been vegan since the 1500s—are examples of vegan delicacies. Through its many cultures and cuisine, Bite Berlin recounts the history of the city. After World War II, Berlin residents frequently chose the Neukölln district for its affordable options, which included Turkish and currywurst food.

03. Amsterdam

The Vegan Food Tours trip in Amsterdam begins close to Vondelpark (seen in the photo) and continues through the city’s design-conscious Oud-West neighborhood. Vegan versions of Dutch meatballs (bitter balls), raw ice cream, vegan junk food, and wild burgers are available for tourists to consume (made from seaweed). In a saloon boat from the 1920s, The Boat Boys take visitors on a canal tour around the city. The ship offers a vegan cheese plate and unlimited wine in addition to historic sites like Anne Frank’s residence and an open deck on sunny days. Beer is an option, as well as vegan prosecco and champagne.

04. Prague

In recent years, there has been an increase in meatless eateries in Prague, from a vegan doughnut store to a socially conscious vegetarian cafe that hires the unemployed and the underprivileged. As an alternative to the nation’s typical meat meals, I Like Veggie conducts tours of the historic center that focus on the new healthy gastronomy that is gaining traction in the Czech capital. There are four stops, including one for a well-liked raw cake as well as historical sites including the Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, and the Prague Municipal House.

05. Stockholm

30% of Swedes say they eat more plant-based meals to benefit the environment, according to a poll conducted last year. The southern neighborhood of Södermalm, a local favorite for its creative energy and cutting-edge eateries, is the focus of Stockholm Food Tours’ Vegetarian Walk, which explores the region to get a taste of that Scandi spirit. The four-hour trip features a mix of high-end, healthful eateries and local delis, as well as a vegan buffet with sweeping city views and raw food dinners.

06. Budapest

Although Hungarian food has a history of being mostly centered around meat, vegan tourists today have many delicious alternatives. Budapest 101 provides private excursions with local guides where guests may learn about Hungarian history and culture and savor the best vegetarian and vegan cuisine the city has to offer, including traditional pickles, cakes, coffee, and wine. Stops include markets, dessert shops, and health food stores for classic crumple testa and gooey, grilled vegan cheese (potato pasta and paprika).

07. Lisbon

The historic center of the city noted for its neoclassical architecture, Lisbon’s Baixa area, was the location of a tour (shown) by Vegan Food Tours that featured dairy-free pastries and sandwiches for “steak.” using seitan, dairy-free cheese, and regional dairy-free wine. Visit an organic farm near Sintra, west of Lisbon, for traditional Portuguese cuisine that has been modified to be dairy- and meat-free. Following the farm tour, attendees can participate in a cooking lesson utilizing fresh seasonal ingredients and consume their creations.

08. Athens

The Secret Vegan Tour of Athens comes with a warning to bring an empty stomach. The two-hour-and-fifteen-minute tour includes vegan tacos, souvlaki gyros, Greek salad (pictured), waffles with ice cream, and booze. Vegan Tour Athens also runs a Beach Vegan Tour that takes you to two lesser-known beaches near the city, with lunch at an award-winning restaurant, including vegan cheese tastings and raw desserts. Frank is also the owner and organizer of the Vegan Life Festival in Greece, along with a list of conferences, exhibitions, and parties.

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