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The biggest non-negotiable criterion for traveling overseas is acquiring a visa. There are over 195 nations in the world, with some requiring a more difficult visa clearance process. Some nations have a more flexible visa policy, while others have made obtaining a tourist visa harder. For security and political concerns, certain nations do not grant tourist visas. Some visa applications are difficult to manage, and the applicant may be discouraged from applying. Here are some of the hardest nations to obtain a visa for.


Russia is a place that everyone desires to visit, but visas are hard to obtain. To obtain a Russian visa, visitors must go through a lengthy process. The quantity of questions on the form that must be answered makes obtaining a visa for this nation tough.

It’s much worse for US citizens, who have to answer more questions than other tourists. And travelers must specify all of the areas they have been in the previous ten years in order to obtain an accepted visa, including not only the locations but also when and how long they stay, among other things. People must pay more money to obtain this visa than in other nations.

Not only that, but they should book all travel and lodging before leaving. All of these factors combine to make the Russian visa procedure extremely difficult.

North Korea

North Korea is one of the most difficult nations to visit and obtain a visa for. Travelers must apply for a visa through a travel firm that offers government-approved excursions.

They e might have reached North Korea by plane or rail from China or Russia. As a result, they should also investigate the visa and entrance requirements for these nations. South Koreans and holders of US passports are not eligible for visas in that nation. Furthermore, even if a visa is obtained, visitors are not permitted to freely tour the nation, engage with people, or criticize North Korea’s leader.

Nobody has to walk alone, and no one may leave the hotel alone.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s visa admission procedures are quite stringent. Women traveling alone must have a sponsor meet them at the airport. While in Saudi Arabia, the sponsor must also carry their passport. Married couples must travel together. Applications may be refused if they lack a sponsor or a marriage certificate.

Entry to this nation will be banned if the passport contains an Israeli stamp. With the advent of the eVisa for visitors, it is now feasible to visit the nation, however, the e-Visa conditions must be met. Aside from that, non-Muslims are not permitted to enter Mecca or Medina. Furthermore, Israelis are still barred from entering the nation.

Another reason why obtaining a visa to Saudi Arabia is difficult is that due to the large number of Muslim pilgrims who visit the nation each year to do the Hajj, only a limited number of visitors are permitted to enter the country to avoid congestion.


Chad is a lovely country to visit. However, the overall visa application procedure is time-consuming because the nation does not have a defined processing period. The application form is also only available in French; therefore, applicants must be fluent in the language.

Only 14 countries enjoy visa-free entry to Chad, while travelers from the others must go through a lengthy visa application process. Obtaining an invitation letter, which needs a sponsor or a hotel in the country’s capital, N’Djamena, is one of the more difficult components of the visa procedure.


Due to its rigorous visa requirement, Turkmenistan is one of the world’s least visited nations. While most visa applications need a letter of invitation, Turkmenistan goes a step further. Travelers must thus have an invitation letter in order to apply for a visa. Aside from that, the application process is not exceptionally difficult; nonetheless, rigorous regulations exist once travelers arrive in the nation.

They must fill out a transit card upon arrival and register with Turkmenistan’s civil service for foreign national registration within three days of their arrival.


Bhutan is one of the most intriguing and sought-after tourist destinations. Bhutan does not issue individual visas unless the traveler is part of an organized trip. Travelers from India, Bangladesh, or the Maldives can only apply for a single visa to Bhutan.

To get a visa for Bhutan, individuals must first choose a travel agency that organizes a trip to the country and pay the visa cost in advance, along with the rest of the vacation package. Bhutan visa applications must be submitted online and approved by the Bhutan Tourism Board.


A long visa process is required to enter China. Although most passport holders can visit China without a visa for up to 72 hours, longer visits require a visa. And it is really hard to obtain. Travelers can apply for a visa only in their place of residence or citizenship and must make an in-person appointment to do so.

There is a vast list of papers that must be collected for this application. Documents such as hotel vouchers or airline tickets are used to demonstrate that guests’ intentions match their vacation arrangements.

A daily itinerary is also necessary if someone is staying for more than 30 days. Most significantly, this visa can take some time to complete, thus it is advised that travelers apply at least 2-3 months before their trip.


Entering Somalia as a tourist is not only difficult but also dangerous. According to the Global Peace Index, Somalia is the sixth most risky country to visit. Because Somalia has been ravaged by decades of war and terrorism, so it certainly needs money from tourists, but its government is reluctant to see visitors killed or kidnapped.

As a result, few consulates or embassies grant visitor visas in order to protect their guests’ safety. If someone gets to travel to Somalia, they should be accompanied by a security guard to ensure their safety. And that may be seen in its visa issues.

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