The Beautiful Forests around the world

If you love nature, then visiting the forest is the best plan for the holidays. Moreover, there is a wide range of beautiful forests in the world, which are worth to visit. Within the forests, there are the best accessing points. As well, the hiking and diving services are also provided by the region so that you can enjoy visiting forests.

Also, forests are not just the source of the trees but there are some unique species. Know that each continent of the world is rich in forests other than Antarctica. All of the forests contain the flora and fauna. Some of the forests also contain waterfalls in them. Different services to visit the beautiful forests around the world are available.

Know about some of the selective forests from the huge list of beautiful forests around the world. There accessed points along with the best hike options are also mentioned in the blog.

Mossy Forest

The mossy forest is present in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Can be accessed from

  • Tanah Rata,
  • Explore the surroundings, and you will get the steaming hot-pot dinners along with the local tea.

Best hike:

  • Tours outfitters
  • They provide the adventure by a slippery walk or by the dirt trail
  • It takes an hour or more to experience the forest.

In the forest, there is a wide range of carnivorous plants along with the orchids. The spongy green moss is there with the orchids. The winding service is there which takes the tourists from the crowded hill stations to the mountaintops of Malaysia. While moving toward the mountaintop you will pass through the green tea fields. After reaching there, you should climb to the viewpoint at the summit. Walking there will fill your boots with water.

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Present in California

Can be accessed from

  • A drive of 32 miles from the giants will take you to the ancient trees.
  • After reaching there, you will feel like a small insect because of the height of the trees.

Best hike:

  • Founders Grove Nature Trail, It is famous because of the height
  • Moreover, the Rockefeller loop is less in crowd therefore it’s the best hike, and it’s just like towering.

You will find a large number of old trees and, the redwood state park is the best place to move to the forest. Three of the world’s talented trees are present in this forest, which is worth viewing. You are free to drive through a tree there.

Great Otway National Park

Great Otway National Park is present in Victoria, Australia.

Can be accessed from

  • The Great Ocean Road,
  • It begins in Melbourne in Torquay.

Best hike:

  • The Maits Rest boardwalk trail
  • The trail offers an easy and short walk from the landscape of the Great Otway’s inland.

The cool rainforest is a big source of ferns and as well as of the cackling kookaburras. Along with this within the forest, there are several waterfalls that aid in the beauty of the forest. Lazy koalas are there in the forest.

Amazon rainforest

Amazon forest is present in South America.

Can be accessed from

  • Iquitos
  • Massive jungle’s best jump-off points which are its part

Best hike:

  • Most of the tours take place on the river
  • Some of the lodges offer to access the canopy walk. From this point, it becomes possible to view the forest from the top

It is considered the world’s largest rainforest, which has an area of almost eight countries. It uses the Sahara desert dust for natural growth. The Amazon forest is a huge source of jaguars along with the pink dolphins. As well, toucans are also found there in large numbers.

Kelp Forest at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Present in California

Can be accessed from

  • Monterey Bay which is also in California
  • A wide range of dive shops are there which arranges the daily dive

Dive site

  • The breakwater is a well-known dive site to visit the forest

The Pacific Ocean is the best supply of almost all the nutrients for the growth of the forest. Due to this, the kelp keeps growing from 10 to 12 inches per day. As well as, there is a formation of the dense underwater forest along with Monterey’s shores. There is a huge aquarium showing the life of different species. While leopard sharks along with the eels are also there. Keep diving, and you will find the sea lions there in the water.

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

Located in Madagascar

you can access it from:

  • Morondava
  • Via 8 hour because of the worst road which a person can imagine

Best hike

  • Visiting the forest is much easy by any hike along with complete guidance.
  • The guide is important to protect you from any injury or any other situation. Moreover, the guide will help you to pass through the heavy rocks.

The forest is well known because of its rocky nature and the limestones are responsible for its formation. There is a huge bridge with janky ropes, which we need to cross to view the lemur along with chameleons. As well, a wide range of bird species is thereafter crossing the bridge. While crossing, through the bridge, make sure that your grip is good enough.

Tandayapa Cloud Forest

Tandayapa Cloud Forest is present in Ecuador.

you can access it from 

  • Quito
  • Lies about two hours from the region
  • Lodges are offering accommodations within this forest.

Best Hike

  • Near Mindo
  • It allows the visitors on the trails and a small fee for using its property.

Beautiful, feathered creature, plant, and creepy crawly life bring this clammy, uneven wilderness alive. Watch out for hummingbirds (you will not need to look hard) and toucans, orchids, and air plants that seem as though they have a place in an Urban Outfitters. Birdwatchers here are nearly as productive as the fowls themselves, so be available to attempting new interests.



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