If you want to pause your busy life for a while and let your souls embrace the beauty of nature, do not waste your time and do not wanderlust. Because a pristine beach is an appropriate place to appease your busy mind. So, without any other choices, you can select a beachside for your outings. below is the list of The most famous beaches in the world.

You may be living on an island, countryside, or on a coastal side, but all of us know that beaches are leading in the list of most beloved places on the earth. There is almost no other wonderful feeling like embracing sun rays on our body, feet on sugar-like sand, and touching bland water waves together. Here we have brought you the list of the most famous beaches in the world to visit. The choice is up to you guys.

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Most Famous Whiteheaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach – Australia

Whitehaven Beach is so specific because the bleach white silica sand is shifting with tides. And also, the visitors are dazzled with its multi-colored turquoise water.

Whitehaven Beach is located within Whitsunday Islands National Park. Even though this beach is spread for more than four miles, the most recognized section is Hill Inlet.

If you can gawk from a helicopter, you will be so lucky to see the real wonder of Whitehaven Beach. There are several luxury resorts nearby, for visitors to spend more time around this beach.

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana Beach is also leading in the list of most famous beaches in the world. Most of the visitors are gathering here not just to view the natural scenery, but to have a coconut water sip, play volleyball in the sunbath with swimwear, and for many more activities.

Belmond Copacabana Palace hotel which is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, facing the Copacabana beach adds extra color to this beachside with its white mosaic design.

If you can travel over Copacabana Beach on 31st December, you will be lucky enough to participate in the biggest New Year’s Eve celebration on earth.

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach is located on the South Shore of Oahu. It is stretched for about 2 miles with white sand and quite turquoise blue water. There is a set of boutique resorts towered highly facing the Waikiki beach.

Waikiki can be introduced as the most fun place in Hawaii and also the busiest place in Hawaii. It is always filled with visitors because Waikiki is situated in between the most popular traveling destinations, Hilton Hawaiian Village on the west, and Kapiolani Park in the east.

In the Hawaiian language, Waikiki is means spouting waters. This name was given because rivers and springs have flowed into this area at once.

Santa Monica Beach, California

The Most Famous Santa Monica Beach
Santa Monica Beach California (USA)

If you are living in the United States, you are very closer to Santa Monica beach. This is one of the picturesque sceneries in the United States which has spread over 3.5 miles along the Californian coastal line. Not only the US people but also thousands of people all around the world are visiting Santa Monica Beach in a year.

This beachside is usually filled with skateboarders, rollerbladers, bicyclists, runners, workout junkies, and beach bums who come in search of fun and sun. If you are not much interested in the above-mentioned things, you can enjoy the dozens of fabulous foods from food vendors on the beachside.

And the other most interesting things on Santa Monica beach are carnival games.

Anyone who visits this beachside can literally have an endless supply of fun. So, you should definitely add this beach to your list as one of the iconic and most beautiful beaches.

Mosquito Bay – Vieques Puerto Rico

This is also a top-rated beach on the list of most beautiful beaches in the world. But for some reason, you cannot swim here. Even though you can’t swim here don’t think that there is nothing to by visiting Mosquito Bay.

This beach is blessed with glowing blue algae that illuminate the night. So, at night water lights up creating a beautiful patchwork which is really a gift of nature.

So, the nights here are considered as one of the best romantic locales in the world.

Other than this natural light shows at night, there are a lot of activities to do while visiting the Island of Vieques. There are a lot of picnics locations along the coastal line, small communities, and adequate entertainment for nature lovers.

You can plan to visit Mosquito Bay according to the moon calendar. Because the light show on the beach typically depends on the moon cycle. If you can be there on full moons and new moons, that will be best.

Navagio Beach – Zakynthos Greece

Most of the beaches we have mentioned on the list are surrounded by cities, resorts restaurants, and clubs. Navagio beach is apart from all of them. It is not nestled up against the cityscape.

Navagio is completely an isolated cove that is nestled by cliffs offs of Zakynthos, a Greek island. People who are willing to see the beauty and the fun, music, and food on a busy beach atmosphere will definitely see the negative quality of this beach. But actually, the people who are willing to the pure, distilled joy of quietness will embrace Navagio Beachside with love.

Other than hiking and climbing up the limestone rocks here, there are bustling extreme sports like hang gliding and wingsuit jumping, you can experience here.

Bathsheba Beach – Barbados

Another world-famous beach which is really great for viewing its natural beauty but not for swimming. By visiting Bathsheba Beach, you can see the power of the Atlantic Ocean. Powerful waves are constantly crashing on the seashore with a heavy, foamy layer of water and the rocks & debris are always washed away.

That is the reason for becoming this a great viewing point, but not for swimming. Powerful waves crashing onshore and on the sharp rocks and also the beautiful formation of corals make it ideal for relaxing.

Struggling not to be swept out to the sea is all so very fun while you are on this beach. Anyone who stepped to Bathsheba will never detract from the beauty of the beach itself.

Just go and spend a little from your valuable lifetime, near one of the most famous and historical beach sights in the world.

People who are living around this coastal side are some of the friendliest in the world. They will warmly welcome you to the various inns, hotels, and taverns.

At last but not least, you should stop at Bathsheba Park for a memorable photograph of your tour which has a fantastic sight you will never forget. The most famous beaches in the world.



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