Travel Around Australia

Australia is known as a big place to travel around, and travel around Australia is much easy. Despite its size, travel around Australia is much easy and budget-friendly due to a range of services. “Travel Around Australia”

Within Australia traveling over seven million square kilometers require much time. Even for a short trip, there is a large ground to cover.

Travel Around Australia
Let’s Go Australia

Most of the people prefer to avail the plane option to explore the country. While on the other hand, some people prefer road trips. However, transportations costs are high due to which people seem hard to travel. But the good news is that now there are multiple options for the people to explore Australia.

In case, if you are planning to travel around Australia, you will have multiple options to reach the destination. Read about those services and select the best one for you. Mentioning that, no matter which of the service you pick it will be safe and entertaining for travelers.

Travel around by Plane

As mentioned, Australia is a big place to visit, that is why it is highly preferred to cover the distance by air. For this purpose, there is a wide range of airlines which serve the passengers of all cities. The domestic airlines are

  • Qantas
  • Virgin Australia
  • Jetstar
  • Tiger Airways
  • Rex

Whereas, the cities which the airlines are serving are the capital and as well as regional cities. Availing the option of travel around Australia by plane will be helpful to reach your destination within no time.

Travel Around by Bus

Traveling around Australia by coach or bus is suitable for most people. travel around by bus is highly cost-effective and as well as comfortable for the people. moreover finding the bus for any destination is easy which best fits each person.

Also, to cover long distances there are some air-conditioned coaches within Australia. The Australia coach operator allows the hop in and out an offer for the passengers who prefer short trips. For traveling to some kilometers, you can travel around by bus which is fun.

Travel Around by Car

Australia is rich in well maintained and vast roads which makes the travel around by car much easy. covering the distance while traveling in a car becomes fast due to the vast network which Australia is offering. Therefore, you can easily enjoy road trips in your car

Furthermore, you can select victoria’s ocean road, which takes you to the southeast coastline. As well as, Australia is rich in car companies from where you can hire a car for road trips. Availing the car hiring option will be budget-friendly for you to reach your destination.

Travel Around Australia by Train

Traveling by train is again comfortable and as well as convenient to most of the people. We are glad to mention that Australia has well-maintained railways that connect different locations. The railway lines are running.

  • Between Sydney and new south wales
  • Australia’s east coast to Melbourne
  • Brisbane and Canberra

V line train is connecting the

  • Melbourne with the Victoria

Queensland rail is there to cover the

  • Queensland and Trans WA

Finding your destination by Foot

It is possible to tackle long tracks by foot within Australia. Some of the places require two to three days of travel by foot and it is much entertaining. Such as, from the overland track to Tasmania, along with the other hike, are fun to discover.

Travel with disability

Bus, train, and plane services are serving the people with wheelchairs. Moreover, they also allowed disabled people, therefore they can travel around Australia. For this purpose, the airlines and as well as bus stops offer a wide range of services.

Travel Around Australia by Ferry

The spirit of Tasmania is offering a vehicle ferry service and as well as the nightly passenger. The service which it offers is between Melbourne and the capital of Victoria. Moreover, the Sealink ferries are there to connect cape jervis within south Australia and kangaroo island.  Within the capital cities, the ferry services are also present, which connects the suburbs around Sydney.

How much time it takes to get around Australia

Traveling from Sydney

Sydney – Adelaide

  • Road (km/miles) 1412 / 877
  • Air (hrs) 83
  • Coach (hrs) 22
  • Rail (hrs) 3

Sydney – Canberra

  • Road (km/miles) 286 / 177
  • Air (hrs) 5
  • Coach (hrs) 3
  • Rail (hrs) 4

Sydney – Melbourne (inland)

  • Road (km/miles 872 / 542
  • Air (hrs) 1
  • Coach (hrs) 3
  • Rail (hrs) 10.25

Sydney – Melbourne (coastal)

  • Road (km/miles) 1040 / 645
  • Air (hrs) 41
  • Coach (hrs) –
  • Rail (hrs) –

Sydney – Perth

  • Road (km/miles) 4054 / 2513
  • Air (hrs) 4.17
  • Coach (hrs) 63.3
  • Rail (hrs) 66.5

Sydney – Darwin

  • Road (km/miles) 4210 / 2610
  • Air (hrs) 25
  • Coach (hrs) 69
  • Rail (hrs) 2

Sydney – Hobart

  • Road (km/miles) 1589 / 985
  • Air (hrs) 1.75
  • Coach (hrs)-
  • Rail (hrs)-

Traveling from Canberra

Canberra – Melbourne

  • Road (km/miles) 648 / 402
  • Air (hrs) 1.08
  • Coach (hrs) 9.3
  • Rail (hrs) 8.3

Traveling from Melbourne

Melbourne – Adelaide

  • Road (km/miles) 731 / 454
  • Air (hrs) 1.05
  • Coach (hrs) 10
  • Rail (hrs) 12

Melbourne – Hobart

  • Road (km/miles) 610 / 378
  • Air (hrs) 1.3
  • Coach (hrs)-
  • Rail (hrs)-

Melbourne – Devonport

  • Road (km/miles) 307 / 190
  • Air (hrs) 1.16
  • Coach (hrs) 10.5
  • Rail (hrs) –

Traveling from Adelaide

Adelaide – Alice Springs

  • Road (km/miles) 1533 / 952
  • Air (hrs) 19
  • Coach (hrs) 19
  • Rail (hrs) 20

Adelaide – Perth

  • Road (km/miles) 2706/ 1680
  • Air (hrs) 3.1
  • Coach (hrs) 34
  • Rail (hrs)-

Adelaide – Darwin

  • Road (km/miles) 3021 / 1873
  • Air (hrs) 3.58
  • Coach (hrs) 41
  • Rail (hrs) 46.45

Adelaide – Brisbane

  • Road (km/miles) 2045 / 1270
  • Air (hrs) 2.3
  • Coach (hrs) 33
  • Rail (hrs) 40

Traveling from Perth

Perth – Broome

  • Road (km/miles) 2225 / 1378
  • Air (hrs) 2.5
  • Coach (hrs) 34
  • Rail (hrs)-12







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